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Home Sweet Home (and those inside). Your Numerology Vibrations for November 15, 2014


Alabama vibrates with the 4 vibration of Home, but today we wish to carry it a bit further to includes those individuals (related or not) that help occupy our abodes.

The 6 is a family number that can really bring out the domestic side of us. We're deciding to redesign our homes with color, possessions, or rearrangements. We're thinking of cleaning, cooking, building, and planting (for those in warmer climates). 

The double 6 can also have us thinking of creating family, whether that is a marriage proposal, the intent to find a partner, or actually adding to our existing family (a new baby).

And for those without biological family, we are looking at friends and community for a closer connection. If we don't have friends that look to our highest and best good, we're rethinking who we're hanging out with. 

On the opposite side, the multiple of 6s can bring out the practice of self-sacrificing, self-pity, or the dominating parent with demands implemented upon others. When this begins to occur, stop and redesign your thoughts.

So today, take stock of your home and the relationships that surround you. Are they serving your highest and best good? If not, it's time to set intentions. If you're following the Vision Board this month, find a photo online that represents what you want, print it out, cut it out, and paste it on your board and/or where you can see it.