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I Don't Want To Talk About It. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 16, 2014


It's not that we have no communication under the number 7, but we're actually going to desire more isolation today. 

We're thinking, analyzing, asking the big questions regarding - anything! We're revisiting our motives, our belief systems, spiritual followings, and our methods of living. This seems to be appropriately placed on a Sunday.

Today, we are the philosopher, the psychologist, the preacher, the researcher, the writer, the analyst, and the detective. Our minds will be going 100 miles an hour. 

Do not be concerned if conversation is scanty or not coming to you as quickly as you would like - we all need our time alone. The 7 enjoys people, just not 24/7. And we look at them more from the role of psychiatrist rather than neighbor. 

If life becomes a bit stressful today, walk outside. That's how the 7 soothes their mind. If the weather is not cooperating, a nice moment of reflection on the porch while bundled up and observing nature will work just as well. 

For those creating/utilizing Vision Boards this month, focus upon those things you have attached to it. Remember, there is nothing wrong with rearranging, attaching a better or more detailed photo of what you desire or even writing a word on there. Sometimes, there is not a photo that depicts what we desire in our lives.