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If Not You, Who? Your Numerology Vibrations for November 18, 2014


Genesis 4:9
King James Version
“And the Lord said unto Cain,
Where is Abel thy brother?
And he said, I know not:
Am I my brother’s keeper?”

If not you, who? We can not save or aid everyone but with 7 billion people on the earth, we should all be able to support at least 2 or 3. That support does not necessarily mean by financial means, but with our wisdom, an arm around a shoulder, the offer of a lift, helping with an errand, etc. 

The 9 also says, "What you send out into the Universe will return to you." And if we gravitate to the 9's traits,

  • Humanitarianism from us brings it back to us
  • Care giving from us bring it back to us
  • Intentions and thoughts we focus upon brings it to us
  • Generosity we provide returns to us
  • Blame upon others is visited upon us
  • Judgmental thoughts upon others allows us to experience the same

AND it's not all like for like. You may willingly perform a nicety for someone in your neighborhood and discover someone does something for you at work. Yet, we hear so many announcing that they receive nothing for their efforts. Think twice! 

Shedding expectations of what should be will allow you to see the miracles in life. 9 is the miracle maker. It's the Soul Mate. It's the Universal Wisdom. It's the Past Life. But with expectations, it can be the judge and jury, it can end situations in a heartbeat, it can be demanding, and callous with words that will cut to the core.

Our decision. With this in mind today, trust your feelings; trust your wisdom. Send positive out into the world. Allow it to return to you.