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Motivation - Not Aggression. Your Numerology Vibration for November 10, 2014


Today, drive, isolation, independence, motivation, determination, and aggression are increased. In our striving to have what we want, we may ignore those situations that require togetherness. 

If we're unhappy with other individuals, words may be spoken that we can't take back. In this case, you may wish to isolate yourself further from the source of irritation by concentrating on a goal or project that you wish to accomplish. Turn your challenges into production. 

Your ability to focus is great today! Watch your thoughts. What you think, you will manifest by placing seeds into the future. That being said, if the idea of a baby elephant in your living room crosses your mind, don't expect to see it happen. The Universe doesn't honor those 2 second thoughts. However, if you constantly concentrate continually on sadness, unhappiness, ill-will, the Universe will rush in to help you accomplish more of it.

Gravitate towards accomplishments and let the challenges take a back seat - it's a day of planting seeds with results.