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Motivation or Refusal? Your Choice. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 19, 2014


Beginnings, determination, motivation, goal-oriented, independence.

When we think of the 1, we can also look at the Magician in tarot. (S)he is the number 1 card and has the attributes of the 1 in Numerology.

Today, because we have the double 1s, does it mean we have double amount of motivation to go after our dreams? If you choose it to be. Otherwise, you could have double of the opposite - digging in your heels, refusing to budge, and having a mood to match. Which will you choose?

VISION BOARD PARTICIPANTS: Good day to tweak your photos. Have you been looking at one of your photos and thinking that it should say a bit more? Look for  a better photo and replace the old one on the board.