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Mountains Out Of Mole Hills. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 4, 2014


Stability - Security. There comes a time with all of us that we need that within our lives. Throwing caution to the wind (as we'll experience tomorrow) has it's place, but not over a long period of time.

In the States, it's Election Day. It is a time whereby a fraction of the voting population (yes, not everyone chooses to vote), takes to the polling booths, and chooses the person they feel will instill stability within our lives. 

Whether you're voting today or not, the 4 will ask you where do you wish to be in the area of stability whether it be business, home, personal relationships, study, or finances. The 4 is a good number for making a Pros & Cons List to organize our thoughts. If I do "this", what will be the pros and cons of that action?

Under the double 4, we have to avoid conflict. 4 can be a real fighter when it comes to debates or ordering people about. You can find military officers under this Life Path number and at times, they take no prisoners. They will argue a viewpoint until you realize that they are right - whether they are or not. The multiple 4 does not engage in risk nor do they lean towards imagination, and they analyze a mole hill into a mountain.

Today, contemplate stability and security. What do you need to change in order to begin your path towards it? If you have a light bulb moment with this one, find a photo that represents what you need and place it on your Vision Board.