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Taking No Prisoners. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 8, 2014


Double 8s bring us several things when it comes to business, health, and good looks & surroundings - a headstrong determination to accomplish goals within those categories, a bit of isolation from others as we set about to make our dreams come true, and the ability to make decisions.

If you are an individual that finds it a challenge to make decisions, harness the vibration of the double 8s in this regard. Do not second guess yourself and "just do it."  There is no procrastination with this number. 

The 8 isn't always perfect, but it believes in risks. It's willing to take them and use it as a stepping stone to the next place. And really, isn't that how successful business people operate?

Want to get away with something? Don't even consider it on this day! It's time to walk the straight and narrow. No lying, no stealing, no cheating people out of their possessions/money, no breaking of laws. The double 8 is here to help you get caught. Accidents are also prevalent under this combo. Be cautious as you travel today but don't let this stop your day. Enjoy!

Today, don't be surprised if the 1s and 8s in your life find a new mistress for the day - the office. It vibrates compatibly and naturally with them and if there are profit/loss statements to be addressed, balancing of statements, month end closings to be finished, or decisions to be made, this is the time.

On the opposite side of the coin, 8s are found amongst government officials, military officers, CEOs, judges, and law enforcement, to name a few. In conversation, this could be a "take no prisoners" type of day. Watch your words and how you say them, particularly if you feel tempers soaring. If you need to have a serious conversation but you feel emotions escalating, try tomorrow if it can be delayed. It'll have its own set of bug-a-boos, but we'll address it tomorrow.

Looking for a new job? New career? New home decor? New method of savings? It's Vision Board time! Search the web for the image that represents your thoughts, print and cut it out, and stick it on your November Vision Board or wherever you're placing your photos (I'm using a piece of glass that's in front of me).