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The Great Manifestor - Your Heart. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 20, 2014


The Heart Knows...

It is believed that the heart is the greatest organ when manifesting what we want. It is where frequency, energy, and vibration to manifest our goals actually starts. The brain and body react to its vibration.

Normally on a day like today, I would tell you that love, peacefulness, and harmony are on the forefront, and so they are. But today, I offer self-love (2) for our highest and best good (11). 

The first place we must turn to is ourselves. If we do not have the belief that we deserve all good things, we can not manifest all good things. What is acting out within our hearts is reflecting in the life we are living. It does not mean we will not have disappointments or not live the typical challenges of life. It will, however, change the way we accept and work with what comes towards us.

Therefore, today look within the mirror and access how you feel about yourself. 

Today, love because you wish to. Give because you want to. Live from your heart first. If this seems to be a foreign concept, check out the teachings online of the power of the heart.