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The Master Number 11 & Aggression. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 11, 2014


The Master Visionary appears to us in doubles today. What will you envision for yourself and those around you? 

The 11 is not about receiving but what can we transform ourselves into? What can we offer others? 

The 11 wants the highest and best good for everyone who surrounds it. It has heightened intuition and feelings run higher in the areas of love, caring, mediation, and peacekeeping. With the double 11s, you would believe that we would adhere to this philosophy in double strength - only if we choose. 

The 1s can hold tremendous focus, whether it is for the positive or negative. Stepping back and looking at this combination, in the background of the 11/2 we have four 1s and a 4 - the pitbulls of Numerology. 

If we gravitate to the negative side of our numbers, we may find ourselves (or others) being more argumentative and aggressive. Our words are not that of a peacekeeper and we're definitely not looking for the highest and best good.  Today, think twice how you will respond if stress visits you.

VISION BOARD PARTICIPANTS! What do you believe you would like for your highest and best good? If you haven't started your Vision Board yet, today's a great day to begin! Choose those pictures online that represent the things you wish to manifest. Print them and cut them out - stick them to cardboard, a filing cabinet, or a glass door - anything that you look at daily.