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When, Oh When? Your Numerology Vibrations for November 2, 2014


When the double twos visit us, we're either high on love or wondering why it has escaped us.

Emotions run high under the 2. With the double 2, whatever the need or feel is, we'll double it from ecstatic all the way to depressed. And if it is the latter, realizing that the vibrations of the day will change tomorrow may help the situation a bit. However, it will take effort on our part to remain busy today and occupy our thoughts.

The one gift welcomed by divination workers under the double 2 is Intuition. It's like using two decks of tarot cards and pulling The High Priestess twice. Though she brings with it a sense of uncertainty, she also brings good news that all will end well.

So on this emotional day, realize that the sun will shine tomorrow, get out of your chairs and keep busy, and spoil yourselves a bit.