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Whistle While You Work - Your Numerology Vibrations for November 17, 2014


Whistle While You Work....(Churchill-Morey, 1937)

Today's vibration will be embraced by the 4s & 8s in our blueprints. For those without 4s and 8s, it's still has a trickle down effect that will touch other numbers you have.

Landing on a Monday, we can take advantage of the Worker Bee number and accomplish a lot in the office. If you do not go to an office, try home repair as the 8 is right up in that category. Fix small things around the house or on your vehicle. 

This is also a fine day to review/renew your resume or place that online job application you've been thinking about. Look away from the idea that nothing good happens on a Monday or that no one pays attention - the 8 is working double time. You may not hear from them today, but hold on. It'll be forthcoming at a later date. 

Need to make a major decision? Grab onto this vibration and make one. Don't worry about perfection (that the double 8s engage in) - just jump in with both feet.  You can tweak it as you go along. 

VISION BOARD PARTICIPANTS: New job or career for you? If you haven't already, find a photo that represents the goal you wish to reach. Print it, cut it out, and stick it on your board. Don't like the career photo that you stuck on there last week? Not a problem - change it.