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YUUUMMMMMMM! Your Numerology Vibrations for November 3, 2014


The emotional 2s are gone for another 9 days and we'll be so happy to bring in the playful and creative 3s this morning.

Artists, communication personnel, sales people, and parents thrive better under the 3 vibration when a more lightheaded energy surrounds us. Take advantage of this and enjoy the interactions of each other. This is a great time for coffee gatherings, lunches, and/or suppers with friends - whether inside your home or at a restaurant. 

Avoid gossip. Yes, that's right - with the multiple 3s, not only will we enjoy the positive aspects, but are visited by the challenging aspects. The 3 is also the number of the child. It won't be unusual to see a few tantrums thrown about. Think twice! Are your words the actions of a mature adult or bordering on the unruly child?

Make a new friend, reconnect with a past friend, or just meet with existing friends. Tell stories. Tell jokes. Take snacks to work to share. Take a special coffee to pass around and perfume the office with. It's a YUMMMM type of day!