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2015 - It's a New Year! Where Am I Headed?

Everyone is curious about how a new year will pan out. Basically, we want to hear that it will be
positive and all will go our way.

For those who wish to know the Numerology Personal Years, a synopsis of each is listed below. If you don't know what number you're headed into, here are the instructions:

Take your month of birth and turn it into a calendar number (January is number 1, February is number 2, all the way to December which is number 12). Write it down. Next to it, write the number of the day you were born (1 to 31). And lastly, write down 2014. Using my date of birth (June 1st), it will look like this:

6 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 15; (reduce the sum to one digit unless it's an 11 or 22). 1 + 5 = 6 - I am going into a 6 personal year.

Born on December 15th, it will look like this:

1 + 2 + 1 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 17; 1 + 7 = 8 personal year

1 - You are beginning a new 9 personal cycle. Away you go! Energy, independence, motivation, determination. You may spend more time of isolation because of choice. You have a lot of goals to accomplish. This is the number of the CEO, the supervisor, and the boss. We are determined to have what we want. Great for people starting new businesses. We are head-strong this year because we know what we want. There is little in the way of personal relationships unless they're going our way. We're on a mission for the next 9 years.

11/2 & 20/2 - Both speak of Love, intense feelings, intuitiveness, empathy, psychic understanding, negotiations, trusting your gut feelings, and if you're in the 11/2 - you'll have the added lessons of the master visionary (learning to manifest and focus is at the top of the list). We've come from the leader (1) to the follower (2) and that can sometimes feel uncomfortable. Great for finding a new partner or spicing up an existing relationship. A good year to focus on what we wish to accomplish.

3 - Communication and artistry. It's a bit of a vacation from the past 2 years and a break before next year (which will offer a nose to the grindstone effect). We want to play, laugh, have a good time and enjoy people in general. We make new friends and visit more coffee shops. We travel. We network with our jobs and our lives. FUN is the keyword, but we have to produce the fun - it won't come knocking at our doors. And if you're in the profession of artistry or communications, it will be right up your alley!

- Time to settle down, both figuratively and perhaps literally. It's the number of the home, creating a home, business, and education. We're seeking stability and security. This could be a year of promotions or new jobs. We've left the 3 behind and before we know it, money becomes a goal - save it away for a rainy day. This is a year we may educate ourselves or to back to school. We're learning as much as possible to help ourselves forward.

5 - The Guides are sitting back for a spell and letting us be the "kid in the candy store". Many will throw caution to the wind and want to party, party, party. Then, the lessons begin as they nudge (or slam) us back onto the path we need to be on. Everything looks like the answer and probably isn't. We don't see clearly at all times; we just want fun. CHANGE is the keyword and MOVEMENT, it's back seat driver. Think twice at all times. Use sacred space for a time-out as often as possible.

6 - Home is where the heart is. Nurturing, caring, it's about family dynamics (no matter how many people are in the family - 1 to 100). It can be about creating a family, meeting a lover, marriages, divorces, proposals, birth, and death. Relationships reign supreme, whether they are personal, business, and/or community. We turn domestic and start redecorating our surroundings. We want an environment that makes us feel good, inside the home and out. The gardener in all of us gets busy in the yard. 

7 - The beginning of the heavier vibrations (7, 8, and 9). We're looking within and questioning our motivations, philosophies, belief systems, and spirituality. "Why Am I Here?" "What's My Purpose In Life?" begin to take over our thoughts, sometimes to the point of being overwhelming. It's the loner number of Numerology and suddenly we're not paying as much attention to others. They believe we're self-absorbed when in actually, we're on a quest to find personal answers. Our minds work overtime in analysis of...everything. It's time for us.

8 - The hard-hitting business number of Numerology turns our mind to business, finance, health, and beauty. This year, we're working hard for the money, but we'll have investments at the end of the day, IF we're hard at it and put forth the effort. We're looking for the finer things of life and what type of job/promotion can supply it. It's not a year to try to get away with anything - the 8 always gets caught. Take care of yourself as the 8 can be a bit accident prone.

9 - Enough is enough. We're wrapping up the past 9 years. What's working for us? What's not working or us? We begin shedding people, places, and things if they no longer fit into our plans or lives. If it's there at the end of the year, most likely it will continue into the next year with us. A quiet year, by October we're ready to move forward and we usually know how. We're chomping at the bit to get going (see #1 above). It's a time of trying to heal family issues, though they are rarely healed. We try anyway. Reflection and the past tend to occupy our thoughts, but there can be a lot of wisdom in reflection.