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Be The Magician! Your Numerology Vibrations for December 18, 2014


Wrapping up the old and rebuilding of something BETTER. 

I could have used the 10 of Swords in this one again, but chose not to. This is not a vibration that should be frowned upon but in most cases, welcomed. It could also be viewed as a perfect combination when we leave 2014 behind and head towards 2015. We'll experience this vibration one more time on the 27th. 

Today, we have the opportunity to bring something to closure in pursuit of creating or rebuilding it better. It doesn't mean that something will go out the door. It may mean that attitudes and behaviors come to an end in lieu of acceptance and understanding. However, we are the ones that will have to take on that challenge. It will not just drop out of the sky for a quick and easy change.

  • What thought or behavior pattern can you leave by the wayside today in exchange for something else that works? 
  • What practice or habit can you let go of to create a better way of life?
  • What job, home, or relationship needs a major overhaul and therefore, serious contemplation?

Today's vibrations will also ask you not only think of what you would do, but begin to take steps towards it. Seek out the Magician's behavior that uses intention to create his/her wishes.