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I Need A New Job! Your Numerology Vibrations for December 8, 2014


Two of the three business numbers of Numerology are matched with the 9 of humanitarianism, care-giving, and wrapping up loose ends.

If we are engaged in a care-giving or service profession inside/outside our homes, we may actually enhance our skills and make it a good day for sales, practice, and/or expanded opportunities. 

But if the 9 is not a part of our lives, or doesn't pull us in that direction, we may be considering what we do to bring in finances. Are we satisfied with our professions? Are we happy with the road it's leading us down? Or is something missing?

Perhaps our lives are changing and what sufficed as income no longer gives us what we need. If you're in a job that doesn't meet your needs, you're looking at some options:

  • 1. Looking for a promotion
  • 2. Seeking new employment
  • 3. Adding a second job
  • 4. Staying where you are and doing without

If change is in the forecast, look at the 11 in the numerical combination. It tells us to look for something that is to our highest and best good. Let it be something you love to do. And believe it or not, that choice doesn't always increase our income. But doing something you love generally opens up more doors and more time to pull in additional finances.

VISION BOARD FOLLOWERS! If you're looking for a new profession and you think you know what it is, stick a photo of it on your Vision Board today and look at it often!