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It's a Great Way to Start! Your Numerology Vibrations for December 19, 2014


Following the path you love.

As the 1 and 2 combine once again (and we'll have one more day of this vibration this month), we're given the opportunity to create the path we love (2). Personally, I like this vibration for starting new intentions (1), for falling in love (2 - finding a new partner), creating a home (2, 4), or for making a Vision Board (1).

1 doesn't believe in sitting back and waiting. It needs action to survive and honestly, so does the Universe. When you make that decision and know what you want, it begins rushing to bring it to fruition. It may, however, ask you to be physically involved.

"But it never seems to happen!" Is that you? As we change our minds during the day, and we continually focus on ideas such as "It'll never happen for me", "It'll take forever", "Will it ever be my turn?", the Universe begins to carry those intentions out as well by allowing us to wait.

Does it mean that we can never have a moment of doubt? No. There appears to be a grace period in our requests. Otherwise, cute baby elephants and giraffes would instantly appear in our living rooms upon our momentary whim. We can always override our moments of doubts with a period of positive focusing back to our intentions.

What better way to be reminded than a Vision Board? It's a great way to start!