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I've Lost My Balance. Your Numerology Vibrations for December 11, 2014


The Master Visionary (11) looks to our highest and best good. With its heightened sense of intuition (2), it's looking for balance within our lives. Do we need it and where is it?

So often we become focused on one part of life and not another. Perhaps we are workaholics, or unmotivated. Perhaps we are in relationships for what we can get out of them, or for what we can give (and then burn ourselves out). 

In this particular combination, we have to strongly look at the 3 which is part of the equation. 3 is communication, artistry, and the child. Do we need to communicate with our partners, co-workers, and community more or less? Is there something that needs to be said or are we saying too much? If we are in the business of artistry, are we being asked to work on our skill more or have we lost ourselves within it at the expense of others? Do we need to play more or are we playing too much?

Balance. What is not being addressed in our lives and how can we introduce it back in? Take time to contemplate. If it helps, choose those things you need from online photos, print them out and place them on your Vision Board. Today, focus upon them.