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Sending Love Out Into The World. Your Numerology Vibrations for December 2, 2014


Though the 2 and 3 are challenges to my personal blueprint, the combination can be quite a fun (3) loving (2) one and therefore welcomed! We don't always have to shoo away those numbers not compatible to our own.

Compatible vibrations to each other, the 2 and 3 can bring out the emotional side of playfulness if we focus upon the positive aspects. We're looking for love and we want to laugh and dance while we do it.

No matter the situation in your part of the world, focus upon love, inspiration, and playfulness around and inside of you. Bring it out for others to see without worrying about what they think or believe. 

Send these vibrations out into the world and allow them to return to you. Send them out into the world and see where they land!