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Sit In Silence With Me. Your Numerology Vibrations for December 6, 2014


This is an odd combination and always has been. It's a combination that is not exactly welcomed when it comes to most relationships.

6 openly wants the closeness of others while 7 needs its space. Don't misunderstand 7 - it's quite loving but its very soft heart places walls about it for protection. It also needs time of quiet because it can't deal with the continuous, noisy interaction the 6 is famous for handling. Today, give yourself the benefit of both.

If the 5/6 vibration of yesterday has you wondering if a major change in a relationship is warranted, now is the time to research how to accomplish this. The 7 is the great detective and observer. That vibration will help you seek out the possibilities that will be to your advantage. 

Another aspect of the 6/7 vibration is to watch others. Do you feel you're being told something that isn't true or being manipulated by another? The 7 will help you sit back and weigh out what's being said with its intuitive, detective skills.

Today, take time out in silence; take time out with others.