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Spruce It Up! Your Numerology Vibrations for December 3, 2014


Sales! For those in the business world, this is a great vibration for sales. We're pairing the business/self-employment number of 4 with the communicative ability of the 3. 

Keep your interactions with customers playful (3) as the 4 can be a bit serious and can appear to be all business. 

Networking is also in the mix whether you're working outside or inside your home, working with others, or communicating with others in the realm of business/pleasure. All types of artistry work as a form of communication fairs well also. It's a wonderful time for advertising and sprucing up your brochures and business cards.

These vibrations can also be applied to your home (4) in the form of artistry, communication (3), and playfulness. 3s know how to bring in the fun food within any situation so if you need to go grocery shopping, head out today.

Overall, it's a good vibrations for us to enjoy!