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Step Outside The Box! Your Numerology Vibrations for December 22, 2014


22 - the Master Teacher. It's not all about having hard core lessons in life today. It can be as simple as honing your skills. More than not, it's going to center around the attributes of the 4 - stability, security, home, self-employment, jobs, organizational skills, where you live, remodeling, studies, and learning. 

But the Master Teacher teams up with the 5 today which speaks of Movement and Change. It doesn't mean it's a negative, so don't contemplate that idea. It is, however, asking us to change something for our benefit. It could be as simple as our house will sell this week and we're on our way to the next chapter. It could be leaving a job behind and beginning anew with another job offer. Or it may be the steps one takes in order to wrap up that remodeling project. 

It could also be asking you to change what you view as security and stability. What embodies security and stability to you at this point of your life? It may include a place to live, a relationship with ourselves or with another, or a different job. And then again, we may be asked to take another look at what we think it is.

Student! Step outside the box - if you had in your possession today what you view as security and stability, would it be enough? Would it truly make a difference? Then, find those things online in photo form, print them out, cut them out, and place them where you can see them each day. Let it be your focus each morning through the rest of the year and into the next. Make it happen.