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What Can Be So Bad About This? Your Numerology Vibrations for December 21, 2014


Laughter around home and hearth. 

As we know, each number brings with it a group of positives and negatives. This is the reason we can have a variety of interactions with each combination. 

But consolidated into the holiday season, we can certainly look at the positive and enjoy what it brings. So, let's take a look:

3 - artistry, laughter, network, communications, playfulness, the child, party time, comedy, movies, dancing
4 - home, hearth, stability, security, student, teacher, reading, documentaries
6 - family, friends, community, artistry, domestic, nurturing, eating, baking, cooking

Today, take your pick - one from each column

Even if you are alone, (and I am today), the oven can still be going, the tunes (or favorite movie) cranked up, and the sounds of baking can fill the house. 

Now, what can be so bad about this?