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What You Speak Into The Universe...Your Numerology Vibrations for December 7, 2014


Whenever I see the 7 on a Sunday, it just seems appropriate. 7 is the spiritual seeker whether that delves into the avenues of philosophy, religion, spirituality, ethics, or morals. It's just an overall good "Sunday" vibration.

Combined with the 8, however, we may be applying this outlook to our work situation, giving to a good cause, or considering a holistic/spiritual business. However spirituality and finances combine in your life, perhaps it's time to take a closer look. Could it be reality?

Another avenue to consider in the 7/8 combination is the idea of business for the higher good and not for financial gain. We do not define ourselves by what brings in money but how we feel we impact the world. You can be whom and what you choose without a paycheck. What you speak out into the Universe about yourself becomes reality.

Today, the 7 asks you, what words do you choose to define yourself? Think twice if they are negative and change your story.