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Where Am I Going To Live Now? Your Numerology Vibrations for December 4, 2014


"This has GOT to change!"

And with those words we are wheeling about in our minds today (4/7). The 5 is taking a hard look at our home life, where you live, what we do to bring finances in, self-employment (if any), and our studies. If we don't like what we see, the 4/7 will be playing detective today to find out how to get it.

This is a good vibration to place your house up for sale (4/7/5). It's a good one to go exploring for a new one (the changing of households). And the 4/7 is an excellent vibration for the detective work it requires. 

What will change around these topics for yourself? Do you have to change? No. You may wish to enhance or be grateful for what you have because it's what you had always wanted. 

If you do wish change, find the photo online that reflects this and place it on your Vision Board. Already on there? Focus upon it today. Happy Creating!