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Where Shall We Go, Leroy? Your Numerology Vibrations for December 12, 2014


It's an action day! Where shall we go, Leroy?

Travel, whether in mind or body, will fit into this combination. The 3 (like the 5 who despises boredom), is wanting to head em' up and move em' out. And if that includes your home (4), business (4), or a study major (4), so be it.

For those in school, this is a good vibration for working on your projects, writing, or communicating in class. There's very little silence when the 3 and 4 meet.

Sales? Absolutely. However, you must keep the customer in mind and not do all the talking (3). The 4 says, "Take time to listen to their needs."

This is also the perfect day for office and/or personal conversations so go out to lunch, gather in the break room, or have an after work refreshment! Make it lighthearted, share a story or two, bring in the treats, and enjoy each other's company. Laugh!

If you have any goals for the topics above (and I know that I do), be sure to attach a photo of them to your Vision Board. Look at them often!