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Angels or ?? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 12, 2015


This is a good combination for a Monday, particularly those in networking, communications, and sales.

Those who work with child care (in or outside the home) can expect it to be a toss-up as children most often go with their gut feelings. With double threes, they'll either be angels or ...

Today is a wonderful time to get in touch with those friends/family that you haven't heard from for a bit. Let them know you're thinking of them - even if its just a small message.

We're also bordering on the creative today. Writing, designing, ordering new business cards and/or brochures are high on the list. Advertising definitely enters into this mix, particularly if your message will be sent across radio, television, or newspaper. If you haven't considered these three options, call a representative and investigate it today.

This evening, laughter, comedy, playfulness, and fun food reigns supreme. It doesn't matter that it's a Monday - have a good time! Make it a good start to the week.