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Bake. Cook. Eat. Your Numerology Vibrations for January 24, 2015


The 6 (and particularly the double 6), has us looking at domestic pursuits today (to name one). 

In my neck of the woods, we are combating ice. and for some, it is wreaking havoc. We may discover that not only will we be preoccupied with our homes and domestic occupations (6), but it may carry over to our relationships. How we choose to respond to the conversations that pursue will be up to us.

6, on the challenging side, is the bullying or self-sacrificing parent. In some cases, it can bring out the bullying parent or one that speaks down to others in a condescending manner. The combination of home repair or projects can sometimes bring this tone out in ourselves or others.

On the other side, we may discover ourselves sitting back and allowing others to speak to us that way. Self-sacrificing our needs and wants is not unusual under this vibration. It is again up to us how we choose to react or what we accept.

Today, speak softly with those that surround you. Treasure and work together with your relations. Place your intentions with the Universe if you are looking for a relationship. Create family. Bake. Cook. Eat. Play board games. Take care of one another.