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Creating Relationships. Your Numerology Vibrations for January 6, 2015


Are you considering creating a family? Whether personal or biological, we are under a vibration that speaks to us of family, friends, and/or community. Today, we'll look at the option of family.

Under the double 6, our thoughts can turn to the inclusion of another into our inner circle of relationships. It may be marriage, or it may be the addition of a child (whether through biological means, fostering, or adoption). For those who have raised their children or do not choose to follow that path (not everyone is a parent), you may also be considering the "adoption" of a new pet, or bringing a new friend closer as "family".

However we choose to bring another life into our home, today's vibration has us looking at relationships.

But as with all double numbers, there is another side to the double 6 - that of the domineering parent. This is a good time to watch our conversations and not address other adults as if they are our children. The ability to condescend is more powerful and bullying more commonplace. That does not mean that we must accept it. How we address others and what is sent out into the Universe is returned to us. Choose your words wisely.