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Dance Like No One Is Watching! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 3, 2015


Playful? Networking? Laughter? Artistic? Gossip?

The number of the child comes to us in doubles today. And as with all children, we can lean towards their playfulness and laughter OR we can throw a Royal hissy fit and take to the streets with gossip. 

It can be an incredibly creative day with people focusing on communication skills, advertising campaigns, and design work. Networking is especially encouraged today and the more people who know what you need (a new job, a new relationship, a new home, etc.), the better your chances at accomplishing it.

On the other side, avoid confrontation with others or situations that would promote gossip, or communication you can not take back. Choose your words well because you may have to defend them tomorrow (double 4s). It's too easy, under the double 3, to say exactly what you think, but that may not be what you wish in the longrun.

Turn up the tunes! Dance! Laugh! Enjoy a comedy DVD. Bake. Have coffee with friends. And enjoy the day.