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Have you procrastinated this month? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 28, 2015


Have you procrastinated this month?

We will not see the double vibrations again until October of 2015, as this year holds two months of doubles. So today is a great opportunity to start anew. Look at the 11 in the midst of the vibration above. It reminds us to choose for our highest and best good.

Yesterday, you were given the last double 9 opportunity to end that which was not serving your best good - today, take the step. And if you do, remember, courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Don't expect too many cuddly conversations under this vibration. 1 is the independent, isolated, and the one who can work alone. That doesn't mean that we will not interact with others, but concentration may be more on personal pursuits than combined efforts.

The 1s do not provide the best of vibrations for mediation and negotiations. You may wish to wait until tomorrow when that vibration is in full force.

In the meantime, use this day to provide for yourself the opportunity to complete a goal, a task, beginning a new project, or life.