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I Am Not A Victim. Your Numerology Vibrations for January 16, 2015


One of the aspects of the 7 is its ability to "think things out." Along with the 4, 7 is the Researcher of Numerology. Like the Hermit in Tarot, it's seeking out the truth and most often, it does it alone. 

We with 7s or double 7s in our numerical blueprint (and I am one), will be seeking more seclusion today - not because we don't enjoy people, but because we are looking inward and asking questions. We need time for ourselves. Unlike the 3 and 5, we can not handle the hustle, bustle, and noise generated by this Earth for long periods of time.

With the double 7 radiating throughout the Earth, the questions of 
Why Am I Here?
What Is My Purpose In Life?
Do I Need To Be Here For This?
Did I Miss My Purpose?

will be affecting many. It is the central theme to the 7 Life Path UNTIL we discover the answer. You do not have to have 7s in your blueprint in order to feel this energy today.

As opposed to allowing those without answers to run in circles all day, I will tell you the reason for 7's role on Earth. The 7 is here to have Faith - the belief in things unseen. That's it. What you do with that faith is up to you. Whether you choose a life centered on spirituality (7 is the Spiritual Seeker) or one that sits quietly over a microscope in a science lab is up to you. There is not just one thing we can do.

"But that appears so simple!" No, it's not. A life of believing in those things unseen and without substance is not always easy.

The belief that all is well when the world appears to be crashing down
The belief that you hold all the answers within
The belief that no matter what you experience, you had a hand in creating
The belief that you signed on for this journey and are never a victim

The double 7 - the belief in things unseen. Seclusion. Isolation. Thought-provoking. Hope.