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It's Time To Make Those Appointments. Your Numerology Vibrations for January 26, 2015


There's only one thing I can think of this morning - especially when I see the double 8s. Taking care of business.

Perhaps it appears that one thing after another is building up around you, seen and/or unseen. It's time to take care of all those items. You may not be able to accomplish them all today, but you can get a priority list started and a few calls made.

What is priority 1? Only you will know that, so begin making your appointments today. Perhaps some of them will have to be made a few months out due to finances, but you can still give a call and have them on the calendar. 

Don't wait - the 8 does not like to procrastinate.

And like everyone else, I have things to take care of as well - off I go!