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Psychic Ability & Gut Feelings! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 29, 2015


Love, Mediation, Emotions, Psychic feelings and thoughts, Negotiations, Caring, Sharing

These are all traits and gifts of the 2. But with one of the 2s being an 11, we are asked to proceed in each of these avenues with the attitude of "highest and best good" for ourselves and others. 

Though conversation can be emotionally charged, today is a good day for meetings in the area of relationships, and/or business. Just take your time to review your words well before speaking. 

11 helps us focus on our intentions in these areas. What do you want and be specific. If your request is that you wish to find "love", what type? If you tell the Universe you want "love" only, a stray pet may show up but that's not what you wanted even though you enjoy its company. Write down what you really want and let the Universe know today. Be specific of what you'll accept.

In the Board Room, listen to others and what they're really saying. However, with the double 2s, we may actually have a tendency to sit back and not tell others what we think. Be sure to include your own thoughts within the interaction. 

And for all people on the planet, trust your gut feelings today. This is a great time for negotiations in all areas of your life. Psychic ability (or your gut feeling) is speaking to you. Write it down, and tuck it away for future use.