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Spontaneity At It's Finest. Your Numerology Vibrations for January 23, 2015


Needing To Shake It Up? This is the day that will have all of us chomping at the bit for something new and exciting. "Boredom need not apply". It's time for movement, travel, driving down a new street, and basically wanting more than the same ol', same ol'. 

We may reflect and hopefully not jump and act too impulsively. The 5 will have us antsy, and with the double 5, we may not think things all! If it feels good for the moment, we want it - it's ours for the taking.

We are Kids in the Candy Store under this vibration. Fun? Yes, we can dance, sing, be spontaneous, compulsive, and throwing caution to the wind. With the "live for today" attitude of the 5, we most likely will not make the best decisions. 

If you don't have to make a major decision today, wait until tomorrow.