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Stop It! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 27, 2015


If you have ever watched Bob Newhart's comedy "Stop It!", then perhaps you will also find some humor today with the double 9s should life turn challenging.

The 9s will have us considering everything that we know must come to an end. It may be a job, a health issue that needs an appointment, a relationship, a place we live, a habit, an attitude, a belief system, you name it. We all know what must come to an end so that we may move forward.

In most cases, our fear of the unknown is worse than what is actually occurring. And we usually find in the first few nervous steps, that all will be well and worth the jump

What do you need to bring to an end so that you can move forward? Today, make decisions, and begin to carry them out. Don't worry if you didn't get to most of it today. Tomorrow will be another supercharged 1 day where you'll wish to start or continue. 

Trust your gut feelings today with your decisions. The double 9s have a healing form of intuition that accompanies it.