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What Are Your Thoughts Creating? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 25, 2015


The Lone Wolf of Numerology has returned once again. We tend to clam up, seek refuge, and can become a Hermit. We seek the truth - silliness "need not apply". Mystery abounds and our ability to analyze becomes enhanced. 

And because our mind can have a tendency to be on overload, we can create all sorts of scenarios for our future. Think on your words wisely!

Those of us with 7s or multiple 7s in our Numerical Blueprint are in our element. However, others may not like it or understand. We become an enigma to them through our silence. Yet, we understand ourselves perfectly. 

Today, what do you need to research or investigate? Now is the time. Do you need to rethink a decision that was made? Today is your day. Or do you need time away and to yourself? The 7 will either provide it for you or you'll be chomping at the bit if you can not attain it. 

Students, writers, researchers, psychologists, clergy, divination workers, and solitary employees work well under this vibration. So today, take time to work on your lone projects. Get caught up. Create the future with your thoughts.