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Asking & Receiving. Your Numerology Vibrations For The Week of February 22, 2015.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

We are given a last opportunity to reassess what we do for a living, how we live, or what we major in  (22, 6) this month. And with the 22 in a strong placement, we're asked to choose for our highest and best good. Suffering is not at the top of the list (6). Intuition (22) plays a strong position in these decisions, so listen to the still small voice within you.

Monday, February 23, 2015

And as we contemplate (7) what we surround ourselves with outside our homes, today we contemplate again, what we experience within our homes - relationships (6). Whether personal or business oriented, how are they serving us? (5, 7) The 5, being a number of action, will have us making decisions and/or accepting what we have because it's where we want to be (6). If it's a relationship you are seeking, ask. Create a Vision Board with photos of a relationship you'd like to experience. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Our view of relationships (6) continues, particularly if it settles around work (8) or if it affects our health (8). What could make it better or improve our situation? (7) Like the 2, the 7 knows how to look inward for their answers, but without the emotional attachment of the 2. Research is a gift of the 7 and today provides the vibration necessary for us to harness the discipline we need to be the detective, scouring the Universe (and perhaps the Internet) for solutions. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

If Monday provided you with uneasiness surrounding your work or health situation (8), today will give your the opportunity to research (7) better solutions. Take time to retype your resume, discover careers that you hadn't thought about before (7, 8), and dare to be different! Dare to change jobs or expand on what you already have. Consider taking classes or reading books (7), in order to attain further knowledge towards a better position. For those concerned with their health (8), you can take the same steps when it comes to improving your diet/exercise or finding a practitioner to assist you. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Nine is the number of endings, wrapping up loose ends, healing family issues, soulful artistry, and caregiving. But when the 8 is involved, business, financial situations, and health have to be included in the equation. We may choose to end a job, close an account, choose a different type of diet, stop a habit, or take a job that is far more creative. 8 is not a procrastinator so when you have make the choice, know that your ability today and tomorrow will enable you to step out on a limb!

Friday, February 27, 2015

We've ended something that needed to end and we're moving forward to what will be. This is the vibration of the 9/1. It doesn't have to be a major decision in our lives - it can be something quite simple, actually. But whatever you choose, do it for your highest and best good (11). You must be traveling towards something you love (11/2). If you have the urge, but don't know where to travel, this vibration holds a lot of old wisdom (9) for your to discover. Ask and ye shall receive (The Bible, Matthew 7:7) also applies to wisdom you wish to receive. The key will be to quiet yourself to listen.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

We wrap up February at the end of a week, which seems most appropriate. We're still focused on the vibrations that we encountered yesterday, except that the decision has been made, and the path researched and explored. Like The Fool in Tarot, we might walk a rocky path on the way to our destination, but love of the goal should stay in the foreground of our vision. That is what will drive us; that's what we seek. 

In January and February, 2015, we repeated the lessons of November and December, 2014. The rest of 2015 will now offer us new combinations. If you wish to have a preview of these combinations, look at the year 2006. What did you learn? If you can't recall, that's alright. It may have been uneventful and chances are it's another year of restful living. However, if it pops out in your mind as a year of challenges, these same vibrations will visit you again. This time you will have the knowledge of how to minimize the pressure.