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For Your Health and Your Healing. Your Numerology Vibrations for February 8, 2015


I read a satire this morning that spoke of a new health benefit for all. The exercise included standing up from your office desk, walking out the door, and never returning again. Naturally, it was a great laugh for the morning as so many of us have visualized such a practice in one of the jobs we have or may have held. Perhaps a few of us have actually practiced it. 

However, in the combination of the 8/1/9*, this is truly a possibility. We have all stayed in jobs because we feel we have to and then pay for the stress it creates. The 8/9 says, Perhaps it is time to leave the stress behind and embark on another path or journey." 

The 8 represents our finances, careers, and health. The 9 is about healing, wrapping things up, endings, wisdom from the past, and family issues. Combined we have to take a deep look at those things in our working lives that have a great impact. 

The article entitled, "Nurse Reveals The Top 5 Regrets People Make On Their Deathbed" is quite an eye opener for many. Though it may not sound positive, these people are leaving their last bits of wisdom hoping that it touches one person out there. You may not wish to read the entire article, but you can browse the 5 Regrets. Do you fall into one or more of these categories?

Today, do yourself a favor and decide which regret you'd like to eliminate from your life - for your health and your healing.