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For Your Highest & Best Good! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 11, 2015.


Today, the Master Number 11 (2) and 3 (the strongest categories above), tell me that negotiations are particularly favorable! The 2 of love, caring, and mediation teams with the 3 of communication, and what could be better than that? Whether it's personal, or business, this is an overall good day to sit down at the table and talk. Just be sure that it's for your highest and best good (11).

Heading towards the conference table or tête-à-tête, keep positive thoughts in mind and all should be well. It is also favorable to re-design, color, and/or draw. So get out the paints or software if you need to spruce up your surroundings, brochures, business cards, or advertisements. Need  a new look in the store and/or window? Today is the day. 

When the combination of 11/4/3* comes together, it is also a great time to set intentions regarding, home, love, studies, work (doing something you love), and communicate it to the Universe. What a fantastic vibration to start a Vision Board or re-evaluate the one you currently have. Let the divine essence you acknowledge know what you want and need. Speak it aloud!

Overall, enjoy each other today! Laugh, sing, tell stories.....