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Hit The Coffee Shop - In More Ways Than One. Your Numerology Vibrations for February 12, 2015


Yesterday, we had communications with each other - today, communications are more appropriately centered on business. In fact, we're mainly addressing networking.

Whether you're looking for employment or considering networking your present business, this vibration has it all in that regard. 

Tired of your job? Talk to your friends or acquaintances that you feel may be able to give you a lead. With the 4 in the mix, perhaps a class or two may help you get the position you need. 

Perhaps you're in the field of artistry - painting, designing, interior design, jewelry or clothing design, photography, or a myriad of other works. This is time to not only work on your projects, but seek out a place that might display your works. Take a look around your community and discover if selling on commission would be a lucrative way of selling. Coffee Shops, cafes, bistros, and high-end gift shops are all places to consider. 

All in all, enjoy your day. Laughter, playfulness, stories, and communication are high on the entertaining list!