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It's the New Guy! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 6, 2015


This is always an unusual vibration to describe as one number is as extroverted as the other is introverted. You would perhaps believe that there would be a balance of the two today. But I understand the 7 and know what a challenge social interactions create. 

The analytical 7, who enjoys its "me" time, tries to combine with the nurturing 6 to give us an opportunity to explore relationships and where they are going

Yesterday, we wanted change in our relationships. Today, we start researching the best approach to attain this. That might sound unusual, but if the relationship you wish to change is at work, you'll be researching perhaps a new job. If you are the supervisor, you may be looking at letting an employee go or transferring them to another department. You may even be considering hiring an additional employee.

We may even find that we need new friends! Therefore, we'll be researching the best organizations, hobbies, or geographical locations to meet them. 

It's Friday! Take advantage of this vibration to figure out where you wish to go when it comes to your personal, or business relationships. February, 2015 will have a number of days whereby we review the people we live with, surround ourselves with, and love. Where do you wish to go with this theme?