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New Moon and the Number 1. Your Numerology Vibrations for February 19, 2015


We have two more days this month to really take ACTION!(1) This action is meant to be for our highest and best good, and something we love and appreciate for ourselves (11 or 2) and those around us. What is yours?

Take a moment to think of the mind communications you have had with yourself over the past week, month, or year. What is weighing heavy on you as you contemplate a new direction or project? Perhaps it is not time to embrace it fully, but doing a little research and study on this topic is certainly in order for the next two days. 

We are currently in a New Moon phase which always encourages new beginnings. They can be on a short scale or long term time line. 

If you feel you do know where the next step lies, take on the challenge and study further. Make inquiries. Learn. Do research and write it all down. Enjoy the journey!