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People Change. Your Numerology Vibrations for February 5, 2015


For those wondering, we are repeating the vibrations of December 2014 and then for the rest of 2015, we'll move forward. Every January and February, we repeat the vibrations of November and December of the preceding year. 

Today (and several times this month), you'll be asked to review your relationships and make changes where necessary. These relationships can be personal, family, or business related. 

And though you may not act immediately, take a hold of the 7 vibration. Spend time in contemplation and choose wisely your course of action. Are there people that you should let go of? Are there business associates that would work better with another individual? Are there folks you have taken for granted and should show more appreciation towards?

There is a reason people are in our lives, but it doesn't always mean forever as we are not entities that last forever. 

If those that surround you are not there for your highest and best good, reconsider your interactions with them.