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Walking The Rocky Path. Your Numerology Vibrations for February 17, 2015


The 8 represents our finances, careers, and health. The 9 is about soulful artistry, wrapping things up, endings, wisdom from the past, and healing family issues. Combined, we may have to take a look at a variety of these combinations in our working and personal lives today. 

This is a combination of action, not contemplation.
  • Should you continue your present course in the best interest of your health?
  • Will your present course provide the financial stability you seek?
  • Are you an employer that needs to make a decision about an employee? Are you an employee that needs to take a hard look at the job they have?
  • Is there an area of your finances that you need to change or bring to an end?
  • If in the United States, do you need to sign up for health insurance or change what you presently have?
  • Do you need to make a doctor's appointment?
If you have said yes to any of these, take steps now to complete it. 

These are only a few of the questions you may be presented with today. If you've made up your mind in any of these areas, now is a great vibration under which to carry it out. 

It doesn't mean that everything will be perfect in the long run, but like the Fool in Tarot, sometimes we have to walk the rocky path for a short time in order to create what we wish.