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July, 2015 Numerical Vibrations for the Planet Earth

July, 2015 is a 6 personal month in an 8 personal year for the Planet Earth.

Though it may not deliver our personal vibrations, we do experience a trickle down effect from what the planet endures. These are some of the factors to watch for in conjunction with your own. (This also applies to all those experiencing an 8 personal year).

Over the next several days, I will be preparing an outline for each of the various personal years so be sure to return to learn about yours!

As a refresher, 2015 is an 8 personal year for the planet Earth and it addresses corporate ventures, finances, business, major decisions, investments, and stock/bonds. The number 8 brings out the best or most challenging aspect of each of these categories. The good news is, it will always land on its feet. So if you're experiencing any challenges around these areas of life, remember that it will not be permanent.

The number 8 also includes healing, medicine, taking care of ourselves physically, emotionally and/or spiritually. Perhaps we're thinking of changing our diet or exercise program. Perhaps we'll decide to implement one, for now is the time.

Above all else, the 8 has to be careful. Those with multiple 8s in their charts will tell you, they can’t get away with anything. If you’re in an 8 personal year or month, it’s time to pay more attention as the 8 can be a bit accident prone.

July, 2015 is a 6 personal month for the planet and in addition to our own personal month, our attention will be on family (whether biological or not), friends, neighbors, co-workers, and particularly domestic pursuits around the home (painting, landscaping, interior design, baking, cooking, sewing, wood work, etc.)

Vacation plans may also be contemplated this month, and though it may cost a little more (8), we're believing it's worth it!

What happens when we combine the 8 personal year with the 6 personal month? 

We’re suddenly trying to bring the balance of business and family together. It is said that the office is the 8's mistress, yet the 6 finds their home is their castle. We can do one of two things in July. We can either gravitate towards one and totally ignore the other, OR if we’re thinking healthy, we’ll reach for a balance of the two. Perhaps you’ll have to get out your organizer and coordinate times for each.  Jot them in – fill them in. It will be worth it in the long run.

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