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Christmas Eve or Christmas Day - When Shall We Celebrate?

Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

6/9/8 or 7/1/9

According to Numerology, 
which day has the better vibration?

Every year I am asked why someone’s Christmas was less than perfect. What happened to the Hallmark Hall of Fame scenario that Hollywood always portrays? Why is it lonely amongst others and what can a person do to improve it for the following year?
Numerology wise, let’s look at the vibrations of each day for 2015.

Christmas Eve will always start 6/9 and Christmas Day will always start 7/1. Only the last number will change from year to year. So, the first two numbers will be those I concentrate upon.

6 and 9 are natural vibrations to each other. Considered two of the three creative numbers of Numerology (3, 6, 9), they bring out our ability to enjoy color, artistry, domestic pursuits, family time, laughter, design, and togetherness.

7 and 1 are natural vibrations to each other. Considered two of the three cerebral numbers of Numerology (1, 5, 7), they bring out our ability for individuality, independence, looking within as opposed to without, and solitude. Not exactly the two numbers I would like to see at a family/friend gathering.

This singular event each year conjures up the ultimate in relationship connections. We give yearly gifts, we propose marriage, we draw closer together, we dream of perfection and forgiveness (whether it happens or not), and we believe in miracles. If there were two numbers that could attempt to get close to that outline, 6 and 9 would be one of the combinations I would choose.

Therefore, my recommendation is to celebrate your close family/friend time on Christmas Eve night. I know your kids are already agreeing with me on that response, but truly, it is a far better vibration than the two loners of Numerology (1 & 7) trying to create togetherness.