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Numerology Vibrations for 12/29/2015 - Master Numbers!

Numerology Vibrations for December 29, 2015

A Gateway to Creating Closer Community Ties

Periodically each year, we happen upon a date that offers us two of the three Master Numbers on the same day.

Those children who are born on those days will have far more than their share of lessons to learn and will be required to perform more service to the communities in which they reside. However, if we believe that we choose the day of our births upon arriving in this incarnation, than the life’s agenda was also agreed upon beforehand.

The 11 (Master Visionary) describes a life whereby we motivate, enlighten, and encourage those around us. Our visions for ourselves and others should be focused upon the highest and best good for all.

The 22 (Master Teacher) describes a life whereby we are both the student and teacher of wisdom. Just when we think we’ll always take on the role of the teacher, the Universe allows us to move forward with continued lessons. Many times, these are provided by those we deem as students. It is an unending process filled with developing our intuitive people skills.

For those of us just experiencing a one day vibration (and not born on this date), we’re asked to be the best that we can be for 24 hours.

Love, COMPASSION, understanding, hope, INTUITION, trust, charity, and belief are involved.

Can you provide those qualities for those around you? Can you provide them for yourself? December 29, 2015 will give you the opportunity to practice the wisdom you have learned thus far. Use it for the community around you - use it wisely!