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9 Ways Numerology Can Help Your 2016 Resolutions Come True!

Let’s face it! We’ve all done this in the past until we discovered the results didn’t manifest by the end of the year, or even month. What were they? New Year’s Resolutions!

What if I told you, all you needed was a little help to make those past dreams come true and you could have applied them quickly, easily, and with little effort? Would you be ready to give your resolution another try?

Here are nine ways Numerology can help make your 2016 Resolutions Come True!

1. Knowing which numbers to focus upon can make it happen!

Each number has a positive vibration just ready to inspire and draw your goals to you! By knowing which number applies to your various goal, to your Personal Year, and is compatible with your unique Numerical Blueprint, you can speed kick your dream into reality.

 2. Discover Which Months a Soulmate Could Walk Into Your Life!

For those looking for love (or wishing to spice up their relationship), there are particular months each year conducive to bringing that special someone into your life. And it’s reliant on your Personal Year number. Have you been searching during the more solitary months only to be disappointed by the isolation? Are you sitting there believing it will never happen? Why not know which months are your biggest allies and use them to your advantage? Start looking for love in all the right places and times!

3. Uncover Your Compatibility Strength To Friends, Family, and Lovers!

There’s nothing greater for Numerologists than the Compatibility Chart. Why are two people so drawn to each other? (It’s not always a positive!). What are the predictions for the long haul relationship? What traits will you always have to work on and what are your greatest strengths? Are your destinies in life compatible (because you are both here to fulfill your own)? Is it a forever relationship or will you spend the last half of your life with someone new?  When is a Soulmate there only to provide lessons? And what happens if you change your last name to your partner’s name? Three category numbers change during  name change – will you be compatible to each other then? Numerology can show you the answers to all of these!

4. Show Me The Money!

Every number affects our finances, but which one works best for you?

Two numbers draw the best results,
One number draws easy money, but it will go out as quickly as it came in
One number will make sure your bills are paid but no extras
And one number will have you working for free! Noooo!

By knowing which numbers to carry in your wallet, you’ll make sure that you’ll always have the funds you need. Do you know which one it is?

5. Relocate to a Town, State, or Country That Matches Your Vibration!

Are you living in a city that has you pulling your hair out? Just because you’re still living in the city where you were born, doesn’t mean it’s the city for you. If you’re headed for a transfer in your job due to promotion, wanting to live in a town with more social action, or want to find that easy, laid-back retirement community, Numerology can help you find a list of places just waiting for you!

6. Change The Vibration of Your Home For a Quick Real Estate Sale!

You can change the vibration of any room in your home to bring in the goal you’ve wanted to create. But did you know that the address number of your home will determine if you have a quick sale or a long, drawn out selling experience? I’m going to show how to get that quick sale in the paragraph below.

When a family wishes to purchase a home, they are more attracted to the number 6 (family, domestic pursuits and nurturing). Let’s say your house numbers are 412. This adds up to the number 7. There is nothing wrong with the number 7 if you’re a writer or a hermit. 7 is the loner number of Numerology and these houses can sometimes sit forever waiting for the right person.

We want to change your house’s vibration from a 7 to a 6. By adding the number 8 to the inside of your front door either with a pen or decorative piece of artwork, you’ll change its vibration (7 + 8 = 15; 1 + 5 = 6). I won’t go into great detail on how each of the additional numbers can affect the sale, but personally, I would use the numbers 2 and 6 (which adds up to 8). Two is love, six is family and together, 7 + 2 + 6 = 15; 1 + 5 = 6. You still arrive at a 6 vibration. In this case, I would write 26 inconspicuously on the back of the front door. Remember to factor in your original address numbers as well when trying to find the number 6.

Allow a few days for the vibration to take place and then watch your sale happen! Don’t be surprised if you become more domestic as well.

7. Do You Have the Unique Numbers to be a Writer?

We’ve all been to the Psychic Reader that says, “You should write a book!” Perhaps, but do you have the vibration it takes to be one? Does your chart hold 1s, 4s, and 7s? That will certainly help. Writing is a solitary job and if being alone is a problem, your book may be a real challenge to finish. 7 and 4 love to research, explore words, and write. 1 and 7 need their time alone. But if you don’t have this combination, don’t worry. We all have personal year and month vibrations to help us meet our goals, and just like changing our house vibrations, we can change our room vibrations.

8. Stop Working At Jobs You Hate And Start Following Your Destiny!

Have you been listening to the old adage that says, “You aren’t supposed to enjoy your job. You’re just supposed to show up and do it!” We are all born with a Destiny Number and additional categories that help us know what our talents are and the path(s) we are designed to follow. Did you know that you have a Destiny theme that points you to what you are to accomplish in this lifetime? We all have one and once you know the combination of these numbers, you can choose a profession that makes you happy you woke up in the morning!

9. Know the Special Numbers to Attract Your Guides and Wisdom From The Past!

Often, we utilize Numerology and mark our calendars as to the best time to make a doctor’s appointment, visit the lawyer, sign up to return to school, get married, meet with a counselor, and 100 other events. We can utilize personal year, month, and day vibrations when achieving anything we want. But do you know the psychic advantage of the various numbers? Some are better than others when drawing in the magic of life to help answer our questions!

Numerology is a fascinating ancient art and many of us have spent most of our lives researching, and studying it. I invite you to follow my blog website at where I post new articles, and fascinating finds in the realm of numbers!

Each month, I will also post your upcoming month and the lessons/gifts you will be receiving. Need a particular piece of Numerology information? Just search my website using the search box to find an article from the past.