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I Keep Seeing Repeating Numbers!

One of the most popular questions that I am asked is, “What does it mean when I see repeating numbers? I keep seeing 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc.” Also, many people see a particular combination, (i.e. 3:57, 621, etc.) over and over and cannot figure out why.

We can program our minds to look at the clock at a particular time each day, but sometimes the number that keeps appearing has nothing to do with a clock. You may suddenly see it on a vehicle’s license plate, or on an ad for a sale item. Perhaps, you then notice that the combination is also the middle three numbers of your bank account.

As a Numerologist, the first thing I want to know is what is the final sum of the number involved? That final number is what tells me more than the combination itself. For example, 1:11 = 3, the number of communication, networking, and artistry. What is it in those areas that you are created to fulfill and the Universe had to take out the time to get your attention?

2:22 = 6, the number of family, nurturing, domestic pursuits and design. Another famous combination that people see is 11:11. Many believe that it means great amounts of wealth will show up in our mailbox, yet broken down to the number 4, you’ll work for that money. It’s a good investment at the end of the day, but it’s not arriving by post for free.

It has also been my experience that when we begin seeing a succession of repeating numbers, change is imminent. Please don’t look for the bad in this change. The Universe doesn’t use the numbered sequences to predict gloom and doom. It’s merely a “heads up!” in order to get our attention.

Whether you see one numbered sequence, or several numbered sequences, add these numbers across until you reach one final sum (i.e. 755 would be 7 + 5 + 5 = 17; 1 + 7 =8), and look up the meaning of that number. See if you don’t identify with something surrounding that description. If you have had your Numerical Blueprint done, check this sum out against your Destiny Number. So often, the other side will utilize numbers to let you know that there is something you should be fulfilling in life!


  1. The most common and frequent I see (on the clock) is 3:33, whether it be a.m. or p.m. ~ I realize this adds up to 9 . . . could you remind me again the Vibration of the #9?

    1. 9 is the number of wrapping things up, a completion or ending, and also healing family issues. We may see the 9 in times of giving (i.e. philanthropy or caregiving). Then, the second layer I see is 3:33 - the number of the inner child, but also of travel, communication, artistry, and the need to have entertainment and fun in our lives! It's time to move forward in order to accomplish these hidden gifts!


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