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Numerology - The Attitude Number of 5

To find your Attitude Number, add the month and day you were born (i.e. June 1st would be the sixth month and the 1st day. 6 + 1 = 7. This person has an attitude of 7).

The sixth category of one’s Numerical Blueprint is their Attitude Number. This number is the façade we carry or hide behind in public and may have nothing to do with our true self. On the other hand, we may truly possess these traits in other categories and therefore, we really do gravitate to these gifts. It is said that if your attitude number is the same as your Life Path Number, “what you see is what you get.”

If you have an attitude of 5, you are projecting that you are quite the wanderer and adventurer. Schedules are typically something you don’t wish to follow and freedom is your middle name.

It also states that you are fun-loving and the life of the party. However, this may not be your personality in the least, but it is the façade you show to the outside world.

If people react to you in this fashion, yet you do not feel this within yourself, you can blame it on your Attitude Number! It’s just part of your life.